Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

So, I've been thinking....

After Brad pointed out that my journal is basically a hook-up journal, I began to wonder, just how much of a slut have I been this summer? To be honest, it probably sounds a lot worse on live journal than it does in person. Admittedly I've done some slightly crazy things this summer--a few that I'm not entirely proud of, but compared to some people I know, I'm still an innocent angel.

In the past couple weeks, I realized that as much fun as this flirtatious ride has been, it gets old and repetitious. I immediately interpret that to be that I need/want something more meaningful in my life. However, after such a long time with such superficial interactions, I tend to forget how to achieve anything else. And once you've gotten used to something, it's hard to change (in someways you could almost say I'm addicted to my past behavior).

So, as I meet and hang out with new people, I am trying to establish things in a different, more substantial, way. However, it seems that my ability to read people's intentions has basically gone into the shit hole. I either seem to think that people (well, we all know I'm talking about guys here) just want to hook up or basically want to have nothing to do with me. It's definitely quite possible that I'm misreading the situations or that these are the type of vibes that I'm giving off.

So, my intent for now is to attempt to lay off of guys for awhile. I'm still allowed the harmless flirting with my fellow employees at work, but otherwise, it's time to focus my energy elsewhere. That isn't to say I would turn down opportunity if it presented itself, but I'm no longer going to search it out. Let's hope for the best :)

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