Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Post classes and meeting number 1, today has been a great day. I learned how to put on plaster splints (or as my tired self was saying, slaster plints)--both a thumb spica and posterior splint. Maybe ortho will be my thing.... hmmm....

Then I came home, made a delectable dinner (Manicotti--notice that it is Martha's recipe). I picked up Amy and we headed over to Jen's for a night of good food and good tv. I was too excited about the season finale of the bachelor to pay attention to dawson's so I may have to rewatch. And well the bachelor provided the exact amount of entertainment that I needed....

So, now I'm going to attempt to go to sleep.... to get up in 6 hours for a lovely 12 hour shift at work... long day ahead--but that's ok :)
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