Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I think it's time for the ever so important weekend recap:
Friday: As planned on thursday night during our crazy drunkeness, Amy and I lived up to the wandering the U District drunk. However, once at Earl's and after a way too strong rum and coke, the evening went... well down hill. I was able to recoup for awhile... but sadly the events that followed (involving the good friend of the guy I was interested in) turned the evening into a bit of... well... a nightmare :) But I recovered well...
Saturday: After spending hours cleaning with my mom (she helped me finall organize my room), I got ready to go watch some Thunderbirds hockey. And let me just tell you, hockey is one kick ass sport. I look forward to another game sometime :)
Sunday: As expected, the superbowl party at Dave's was good times. Amazing ass projector TV--the entire wall was football (great for watching Fight Club post game as well). Played some darts, ate some good food--I did, however, avoid the keg of beer, considering I poisoned my liver enough on thursday and friday. Anyway, after stopping at Kya's, I headed home and now I'm here.... ready to do some homework... and forget about all the "bad" things that happened this weekend :)

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