Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Time for that post-drinking appropriate update......

After having a not so positive conversation with Toby, I felt the need to drink. Although I wouldn't say it was bad, but it was the we decided to just be friends type thing... Thinking about it today though and looking back on our conversation (that was an hour and a half long), I realize he will actually be a pretty kick ass friend--probably better than he would be as a boyfriend.

So, I got drunk... long island ice teas do me in. I did get the best pickup line last night though....So this guy Chris couldn't get enough of my perfume last night. He kept talking about it non-stop.... At one point, he attempted to describe it to me, "It's really fresh, crisp....and clean. A bit like air, you might say. And you can't live without air." He stops talking, takes a huge wiff and sighs with contentment. I just laughed, but thought it was cute--even coming from drunk, hairy Chris :)

The evening was pretty uneventful. I managed to send some pretty inappropriate text messages--they weren't too bad, but I was laughing at them this morning. It was an entertaining evening as always at the Emigrant. Hopefully tonight I can have just as much fun, with just a little less drinking... or maybe as Toby Keith says, "a little less talk and a lot more action."
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