Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Today has not been the best day. I was up until 430 last night consoling my friend that got dumped. I attempted to get up this morning at 745 to go to biochem, but that wasn't happening, but instead of hitting snooze on my alarm, I hit the "nap" button. That meant that my alarm didn't go off for another 2 hours, at 945. My O-Chem lab starts at 930. I can't miss the labs (well, I could but it's a pain in the ass to make up). Thankfully I ran my sorry ass down there, dished out some lame excuse about a doctor's appointment and finish the lab ontime. The rest of the day has been one big rush and I don't think it's gonna stop now. I'm about to get the jell-o shots ready, shower and start to do a little cleaning. Argh, will the insanity ever end??
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