Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

We went to the Owl n' Thistle to hear my boys (the Kennedy Brothers of course). Part of me was hoping to see the guy from last friday (he had obtained my number but didn't call--however he knew I was going to the Owl). And lo and behold.... he was there. At first I wasn't entirely sure if it was him. Amy definitely didn't think so, but my gut told me otherwise.... and it was him.

He said that he'd lost my phone number; which I actually believe. So he got it again, and I got his business card (Jen was super excited about that--she has this thing for business cards). Anyway, we danced, we chatted, he said he'd definitely call this time.... so that was awesome....

And then we headed off to Benje and Toby's to a party there. It was pretty chill. We just drank some beer, played pool on their new table.... But we got way too hungry to stick around. I went on a mission to say goodbye to Toby and Benje. Found Toby first and he was trying to convince me to stay longer and bring food back. Such a cute drunk. And then Joel walked in. After a hug hello, the first words out of his mouth were, "I know I didn't call, I'm sorry." And Toby started getting on his case about it. Toby was pushing him around and told Joel that if he didn't call me by Wednesday he wasn't allowed back in his house. I was highly amused by that... I said my final good byes to those two. Found Benje, said good bye--he wants me to come over this week so he can make me dinner. . . .

All I have to say is so many men---and so little time. But it was definitely a good ego boost :) and I actually believe that the guy from the bar might turn out to be a rather quality option.... I'll just keep smiling for now.

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