Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Last week was crazy busy. And it definitely didn't stop with the weekend. Flew down to San Fran to visit with Quinn and help her celebrate her graduation. It's somewhat amusing to me how everyone there was making such a big deal out of graduating. I graduate in three weeks...yet I don't feel like it's that big of a deal. Yes, I did spend 5 strenuous years finishing this degree, but for me it's just a small stepping stone towards trying to get into med school. here's to hoping that this undergrad journey helps me get in.

On a sad note, I just got an e-mail that my favorite teacher from high school passed away this weekend. It's kinda strange because I'd been in contact with him up until last November at which point he just stopped emailing me. He was supposed to write me a letter of recommendation, but he never did. I was concerned that something had happened to him and expressed that in an e-mail and I never heard back. But I guess that on Friday he had a fatal heart attack, but had been perfectly healthy prior to that. Makes me reevaluate how well I keep in touch with people I know and care about.

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