Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Transition seems to be a key trait of my life right now. Now more college (I have a hard time remembering that I can no longer accurately say I'm a starving college student....). Although in some ways my job somewhat feels like an extension of college. Definitely more laid back, but we do have papers to read for lab meeting and I have assignments with deadlines. Just no exams, thank goodness...

I've also been trying to work on my med school applications. It just seems that once one batch is done, it's time for another. I guess that's what happens when you get brutally rejected. I have a lot more confidence about getting in after meeting with the dean the other day.

And lastly I'll be moving soon. I'll definitely miss the Bungalow... it's been home for 3 years. But it's just too much to take care of. I'd like some modern conveniences like a dishwasher. Plus, Quinn my bestest pal is moving up.... It's been a bit of a hastle trying to figure out those interim months between her move and the end of my lease. But I think I have it settled.

So that's about it... nothing too big... I'll try to think of more exciting things for the future.

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