Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Post 'For Love Or Money' I feel like I am now caught in one of those hugely moral dilemmas.

Ok so not as big as love vs. money, but more of fun vs. friendship. My friend Joey has decided that Friday July 18th would be a dandy time for a New York style wine tasting, however I have been looking forward to going to see the Kennedy Brothers for a rather long time and that's the first Friday they'll be there since I last went at the beginning of June (and we must keep in mind that I didn't get to fully enjoy that event because I got sick early in the evening--damn shots).

Many of you may argue that I've been to the Kennedy Brothers a million times, which is only a little shy of the truth, but it's also true that wine tastings at Joeys are not new either. If I'm counting correctly, this will be the 4th attempt at a wine tasting and we very well know sequels are never as good as the original, especially when you're getting into the fourth time around. It would seem that the only movies that make it to #4 are either gory horror flicks or trashy porn movies--see my point here?? To be straight up honest it's rare that I really have a good time at Joey's... his get togethers tend to be too structured and it limits how much people can really let go to have a good time.

However, I think that Joey would feel that choosing the Kennedy Brothers over him would be very like near slapping him in the face--I can picture him arguing with me now and that thought makes me cringe. Plus, I'm sure that most of my friends will be attending this wine tasting, and do I really want to be left out (even if I may end up wanting to scratch my eye balls out from boredom)??

Alas, much like 'For Love Or Money' I must make a potentially morally compromising decision. If only one of my decisions would result in a profit of one million dollars (or better yet eleventy billion dollars--and I know that's not a number.... yet).

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