Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I had a great weekend, despite the massive hang over today. Friday was super chill and Diana's. Just chilled in the hottub. Had some pretty intense conversations though, about racism and suicide mostly. Can only have that type of intense conversation rarely. Glad it was in the comfortable setting of a hottub.

Last night we went to Oktoberfest in Fremont. Started off the night with three beers, thinking that the tasters we were gonna get wouldn't be sufficient to get us drunk. That was a mistake. Not only did we get the ten taster pack, I ran into a friend that works there and he gave me about 6 more tokens. I only ended up drinking about 12, but that does equate to 6 beers. So nine for the night. The whole thing was like a giant house party. I think the craziest thing I did was at Bart's request. He asked me and Rachael to make out... so right there, we started kissing. I wasn't quite drunk enough yet to forget my surroundings.... ya know making out with a chick in a public place, with my friends surrounding us in a circle in awe... yeah, so we stopped. After the beer garden closed. A bunch of us came back to our new apt and watched movies or chatted. I couldn't really concentrate since my head was spinning so much, so I passed out.

Today I was in recovery mode. Now I feel better and it's time to go to bed to start a new work week. argh.
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