Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Had an interesting weekend. Kennedy Brothers was fun as always on friday. Went TV shopping on saturday--will have much larger tv tomorrow, yippee!!

Saturday night ended up being rather weird. Went to a party at Matt and Bart's. Two guys were there that Hadar has been wanting to hook me up with. While at one point or other I've been interested in them, the last thing I wanted was to have to deal with them in the same night. Well, the one I was leaning towards, mostly because he's probably at a more similar stage in his life ended up being a pompous ass. Nearing the end of the night some of us wanted to go to a bar and just chill for a bit. Well we tried to get the guy to go with us, but he said that he's done the bar seen and he's over it. The other guy came with us. And while I get along with him well--i.e. have a fun time flirting with him--I don't know how realistic this situation is. Not gonna worry about that for now.

Trying to plan a menu for dinner on thursday for Toby's birthday. Not looking forward to it as much as I usually am when I cook for people. Hope it goes all right.

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