Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Work yesterday was crazy busy and afterwork was appearing to be shaping up to be the same. As I walked to the front door of my apartment Joey was already there ready to start filming, yet both Quinn and I needed to change and were hoping for a moment of peace before the craziness. Filming went well though and it was pretty funny seeing our neighbors reactions as Quinn and I threw Randy around the second floor balcony area. After we jetted off to Joey's for his cast and crew party. It was pretty tame at first, just drinking and eating. But very enjoyable and relaxing. However, then it started to snow and we all went nuts. About 15 of us were sliding around joey's cul-de-sac partaking in a huge snowball fight. I however was limited in my movements as my shoes had no traction and with every step I was nearly brought to the ground (I only fell twice after being hit with snowballs and not being able to grip the ground enough after impact). Went home and finished the evening with some hot chocolate. Overall, great night.

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