Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

After good times on New Year's at Jacob's on Queen Anne, I was pumped for the annual Risk game on Friday. For the past three years a group of about 10 of us head up north to Machias (Dave's parent's house) and drink ourselves silly playing war. For every army you lose you drink one shot of beer. First year I did 100 shots and ended up passing out totally trashed on the couch. I woke up less than an hour later to Randy and Mike drawing on my stomach--they were drawing my intestines, stomach, liver... ya know, the usual. Last year, I was just getting over a nasty cold and wasn't up to drinking much. So besides playing I was master of battles. However, this year that duty was relinquished. Because in our inebriated state we lose track of our shots and can no longer really throw the dice with any coordination, Dave created a program to do such tasks for us. It was dubbed Lindsay 2.0. My presence, as Lindsay 1.6, was obsolete, so I gave into just drinking. Our original dealt hand was shit, but we tried our best to stay in. As the game neared the end and team red was clearly in line for world domination, our team (team red toes) went for the kamikaze attack... Mike now hates me forever (for me it was a little vindication for his previous tattoo art on my stomach). Anyway, 81 shots later (10 silver bullets), I passed out (safely this year)...In the morn we played in the snow, sledded down all the steep hills and overall enjoyed ourselves thoroughly....

After getting home on Saturday, I rushed to get ready for the Wingdome. Again, another yearly tradition. And each year some of the boys do one 7 alarm wing. Some of these boys have been doing them for years and while the pain is still quite immense, they only barely break a sweat. However, this was the first year for Bart's attempt. Funny thing is that he was under the assumption that he had to finish the entire wing, including the mound of sauce that came with it. Words aren't adequate to describe the utter pain in his face after the spice hit. I nearly believed he would wretch all over the table, pass out and die. What a sight!! After the spectacle, our crew of about 15 came back to our place, ate cake, ice cream and drank champagne. Many of the boys left for the bars to get themselves silly drunk, but I had to prepare for Sunday morning....

Bright and early I arrived at Jacob's at 830 am. It was time for Seahawks in their playoff debut. Drunk by noon was our motto. I nearly accomplished it, being drunk by 1. Fox Sports Net's bar is awesome... the crowd was pumped and the game was awesome. I was hardly expecting the hawks to make it to overtime on green bay's home turf... While we weren't able to pull through with the win, it was definitely an exciting game. I love really getting into sports like that!!

Ended the weekend with some sobering up.... got hot chocolate with Alissa on capitol hill....While today was not part of the weekend--mondays are the arch enemy of the weekend.... one thing deserves to be noted. On my bus ride home, besides being crowded, it held 3 of my current or recently "deceased" hopeless crushes... there was cute "gimp" boy in the apartment (gimp because he had an injured foot the same time I was on crutches). he's hopeless because he lives with a female in a one bedroom apartment... go figure. Number two is a third year med student that used to work in the ER. While he is definitely attractive, his best quality is that I can just get lost in his eyes... I don't even think he remembers me, but I can day dream... and three is a graduate student in my department. While I can't say there's anything spectacularly special about him, it keeps me entertained at work.

Now after seeing Lord of the Rings Return of the King and rambling on for way too long, I think that I shall go to bed....

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