Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Whistler Trip

While I plan on writing a comprehensive summary for our five days up at Whistler, my brain still needs to be defogged from all the liquor it was drowning in. So, for now I will give the briefest of summaries.

Friday: Arrived and checked out condo...WHOA, what a kick ass place (five bedrooms, five baths, two hottubs and just really nice). Began drinking immediately and continued drinking through dinner. Enjoyed hottub and then attempted to go out. Realized it was Greek Invasion weekend, but Amy, Diana and I toughed it out and danced at Garfinkel's for awhile. But I think that all three of us were done with the frat party scene years ago.

Saturday: Did the village shopping thing. Decided we'd try to go out earlier tonight. Met up with Jen and Dan. Went out to have dessert crepes for dinner--quite orgasmic. Started walking around, in the rain (shouldn't it snow up there??), and saw the atrociously long lines. After getting drenched, Rachael and I made the executive decision to party back at the condo--hottub party actually. So we made some strong drinks, jumped in the hottub and soon after all of us had our tops off. Five girls and two guys, naked in a hottub... oh and drunk beyond all recognition... I'll leave it at that.

Sunday: Rachael and I decided to partake in the 24 hours of drunkeness. At 330 we began drinking, by five we were drunk, and just maintained that level. Went to sushi that night, melted over our waiter... much like Ryan Sutter from the Bachelorette, but better. Again attempted to wait in line at a bar, but quickly gave up. Had lingerie party back at condo. Girls running around in skimpy clothing, such good times.

Monday: Began mainlining mimosa's at 930am. At noon, switched to rum and coke. Finally stopped drinking after we had a late lunch at 430. However, resumed drinking at 6. Finally made it into the bars. Went to Citta and watched some hockey. Then listened to the irish band at the pub. Passed out at 2a.

Tuesday: Attempted to return to world of sobriety, but realized that when I had regular pepsi and it didn't taste right, that it would take awhile to fully cleanse myself of the liquor. Stopped at the outlet mall on the way home and finally returned at about 630.

As Amy mentioned the theme for the weekend was the Spirit of the West song "home for a rest." Such an apt description of our weekend.

It's back to the rigors of work... bleh. I want to be in Canadia again :)

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