Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

It was rather amusing for me last weekend. There are three people that I would say that I'm actively ignoring--all for, as I would describe, very legitimate reasons. But in an average week I only usually see one of them. However last weekend I saw all three at different points. Just made it very clear to me just how much energy it does take to ignore someone. While I do realize that being civil would be easier, they don't deserve it. But let's get to the positives. We went to Chopstix on friday and it was great fun... but damn I drank a lot (four drinks at my apt, 2 long islands at the bar and a rum and coke). Saturday, I made Bart's birthday dinner and a bunch of people came over. Then I scooted them off to Earl's. If you want to get the birthday boy drunk the quickest and most efficient way is to plop an Earl's cocktail in front of him. Sunday was hockey day. We watched Chris's game, but we were nearly dying of hunger. As soon as the game ended we ran off to get pizza and shop for cheesy valentine's for our little Valentine's get together.

This week has been all right. My head ache has been back in full force, but I'm just trying to ignore it. Instead I'm gonna look forward to the Kennedy Brothers on Friday (you should all come, great times) and girls night on saturday. Alicia will be in town and it'll be fun to show her around to all the stuff that we like to do.

I'm gonna go now, getting kicked off the computer... :)

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