Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

These past two days have been a little weird for me. Three guys that I have had little or not contact with this year all got a hold of me. First we had Toby. I randomly sent him an e-mail. He had said he wanted to go to a hockey game. I figured I'd just let him know the last game was this weekend. He called the next morning and now will be attending with me, Amy, Jarred and Joey. Shall be an interesting mix, but good times as always. Then I got a text message from Adam--apparently he saw me driving on 145th. I may have not said the nicest things, but he hasn't exactly been the best of friends. I tried to amend things somewhat this evening--needed to get some husky stats from him. However, once I apologized for my lack of pleasantness yesterday he ignored me. Typical. And then the most random of them all was a text from Benje. The last I heard from him was Christmas day, however I haven't seen him and really talked to him since the beginning of November. I gather his attempt was to "reestablish" our friendship, but I basically told him that it wasn't that easy. Simply put, I told him that he had disrespected me and my friends and someone like that doesn't deserve my friendship. He attempted to make some lame excuses about being sick or tired... or that was just how he was. And we basically agreed to disagree. We have clashing personalities and as he said "I'll see you on the other side." I think he was implying I was going to hell. sweet.

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