Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Friday night was a weird night... filled with drunken debauchery and scandalous hook ups. My hook up was the most calculated. When I found out on Thursday that said guy had broken up with his girlfriend two weeks ago, I knew my mission for Friday night. And the amazing thing was the I succeeded without too much effort :) Another hook up resulted because my friend who was supposed to crash here was waiting outside my apartment trying to get in.... and well to occupy the time started making out with the girl who drove him. And since neither Quinn nor I came home that night he had to go home with her. And that leads to hook up number three....Quinn not coming home. All I have to say is that when Quinn and I exchanged high fives in Joey's kitchen over our accomplishments for the night, I've never wanted to laugh so hard. And hook up number four has not been confirmed, however we spoke with him Friday night after he left and all I remember him saying on the phone was, "well, I'm sitting here with her naked right now." Anyway, activities of Friday night have offered us enough fodder for some interesting talks all weekend. Although I guess I have to go into work now.... let's just hope that my boy didn't decide to work today as well.... I need a bit of time before I randomly run into him at work. :)

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