Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

This has been a bit of a rollercoaster week of emotions. I've been up and down about the whole med school thing. While I'm so excited that I got in and I will probably be starting on the goal that I've had for as long as I remember, it's very bittersweet. I love it in seattle. I love my friends, I love where I live and I love what I do. At times (well most of the time) I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut, I don't really mind the rut. I've definitely found a comfort level here that's hard to imagine ever finding again.

Also there's been some residual drama with last friday night's boy. After sending him that first email we've sent a number of correspondances. However they're more like e-mails sent between friends rather than one night hook ups. My guess would be that he's just being nice and since I don't have the ability to stop communication this could go on indefinitely.

For now, I just wish I could get out of this emotional up and down, I don't like feeling I could tear up at any minute thinking about moving. I know it may sound ridiculous, but it's a scary thought. I've never done anything like this alone before and there is no better time than now when I have no permanent ties to the area, but I'm allowed my apprehension. I think my first step needs to be sitting down to seriously think about med school and what I really want to do about it. But for now I'm just gonna go to bed. Tonight was a fantastic relaxing evening with my girls, Nicole and Amy--and was naturally supplemented with excessive food, girlie tv, music and games... and also a nice drunk dial from Watson :)
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