Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I ordered a laptop the other night. I'm impatiently waiting for it to be shipped. I keep refreshing the window to see if it's progressed past the 'boxing' stage. Alas, I truly have to question how long it takes to box a laptop :)

Yesterday Ryan and I got lunch at some chinese food place on the ave that he frequents a lot. The lady, however, had incorrectly remembered his name and kept calling him Michael. And insisting that I was 'Michael's' girlfriend. Or if I wasn't now, that I soon would be. Ryan and I got a good laugh about it. We figured that instead she was predicting that I would indeed be dating a michael soon, and since ryan really wasn't a michael, there were no worries. Although I can't say I'm happy about the name Michael. Technically I'm cut off from that name; I've exceeded my lifetime allotment.

Oh well....just trying to get through the week.
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