Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I think that I lost my roommate. I haven't seen her since about 7pm yesterday when I left for coffee with shane. She was supposed to hang out with shane after he and I had coffee, but wasn't home when we got back (although her lights were still on in her room). I then went to happy hour with joey and didn't get home until about midnight--her room was still in the same state as when I left. I know that at sometime between when I went to sleep at about 1 and got up at 830 she had come home. Although I got home at 5pm tonight and haven't seen her. But whatever, I'm not her mother. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I didn't see her until she gets back from cali on tuesday. I'm busy tomorrow evening and she leaves friday afternoon while I'll be at work.

Anyway, looking forward to the weekend. Hoping to head up to moses lake on saturday night--looks like the weather is supposed to be a lot nicer than here (woohoo). Also hoping to just do some vegging around and maybe hang out with Randy. We'll see...
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