Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Well, I accepted at NYMC as well. Which means I probably should let Chicago know I won't be attending there in the fall. I'm sure there are people out there that would love my spot. On another note, I turn 24 tomorrow. Seems like ever since I turned 18 or so I know longer look forward to my birthday. In elementary school, I miss the simplicity of bringing cupcakes to class and having bday pizza parties--where the only real concern was whether or not I'd get my nintendo or some doll. In high school, I had to deal with the "embarrassment" of carrying around balloons or flowers for my birthday. And ever since it's do I even have time to celebrate--do other people have time to celebrate. I'll be the first to admit it's probably most difficult for me because I'm an only child. When I was younger my birthday was definitely MY special day. Now it's just like any other day. Getting old sucks.

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