Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Well, so far we've had two anatomy exams: first on the thorax and the second on abdomen and pelvis. We've had two histology exams and one quiz. The first exam was a written exam on the cell and the second was a practical on the 4 major tissues. We also had an oral quiz in histology. I've done well in everything so far. I'm definitely doing better than the mean in both classes, but probably not quite at high pass or honors, but it's possible I could bring my grades up to those levels. Socially, I feel totally stifled. Lately, I've either felt too tired or too stressed to really doing anything fun. I've managed a few things. After our second anatomy exam we went into the city, partied that night and explored the next day (six of us shared a small hotel room). Also took a weekend trip to Phili. Sadly we didn't get to explore the sites really. Did the whole bar club thing on friday and then tried to study the rest of the weekend. I did do lots of tasty eating though--cheesesteaks of course and a fat cat in jersey on the drive home. Other highlights have been clothes shopping (and normally I hate clothes shopping, just like having new clothes). I definitely enjoyed the mindless activity of roaming a mall (so uncharacteristic of me). My parents are going to be in town this weekend for our convocation/white coat ceremony. It'll be really nice to have my parents here for the weekend. Perhaps it'll take a little of the homesickness away. My mind played a cruel trick on me this morning in my dreams. I had a dream that I all of a sudden realized the Emigrant was only a half an hour drive away so I could go see the KBros on friday for hurley and watson's birthdays. I started rallying all my friends to go and was getting super excited...then I woke up. Initially I was happy and then I slowly realized that my dream was nowhere near realistic and then I wanted to cry. Grr.....

I'm gonna head to bed now. I'm on call for a liver transplant tonight. Not that I'll be doing one of course, but we have the opportunity to observe the harvesting of livers from donors and tonight is my call night. I'm really hoping I get called in because it would be a super awesome thing to see. Although sleep would be nice as well :)
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