Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Things I won't miss about Med School Over break....

1. Hearing my roommate hacking up what sounds like a hair ball whenever she's home.
2. Living off of delicacies such as frozen foods and kraft dinner
3. Having to deal with others when they're going crazy and stressed out.
4. Being without an automobile. grr
5. A twin bed (although this would be worse if I had (the luck) to share it with someone)
6. Not meeting/seeing any boys outside of those in my class (it's the worst when your drunk and horny and you're surrounded by the same ol' dudes)
7. Waking up early, not having time to make myself presentable, only to then fall asleep during biochem lecture
8. Praying that there's fresh coffee in the caf only to find out they either ran out half an hour ago or whats left is hours old
9. Only talking about med school and related topics (i.e. what your classmates are doing... or who they're doing)
10. Having the highlight of my day being a change of scenery for studying (Border's Cafe, another school's library, oh, the options)

And finally...

11. Having to stay in on a weekend to study--I can almost taste the beer now.... mmmmm....

I'm so excited to go home... let's just hope I can stay on task until my flight takes off at 4pm on Friday.

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