Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Things I enjoyed about break....

1. Four delicious steak dinners made by my dad. MMMMMMM......
2. Jack's Tacos. Deep fried greasy goodness.
3. Sushi and Lemon grass lime rickey's at Dragonfish--and like always we had a large unruly group. I love my friends.
4. Playing DDR on my parents big screen--the game's difficult when you've had one too many glasses of boxed wine.
5. Having a car--even though it did overheat (thus postponing my search for the perfect New Year's Eve shirt)
6. Drinking 40's before a classy christmas party (which caused [yes it was the 40] to bitch out my friend's crazy girlfriend).
7. Wearing my pj's until 4pm while watching Nip/Tuck and eating popcorn
8. Brunch with mimosas at Anthony's.
9. Impromptu trip to Vancouver for the night.
10. Sleeping in a larger bed without an alarm set (although I didn't really sleep in much).
11. Seeing the Kennedy Brothers--twice, although I don't think I heard Margarittaville, even the second time.
12. Playing the 4th annual Drunk Risk--adding beer socials to expedite the drinking process (although I didn't like being attacked by Sponge Bob).
13. Finally getting so drunk that I forget midnight on New Year's Eve (even who I kissed, which I'm trying to piece together--so far only girls).
14. Beating the boys, again, at Trivial Pursuit on Christmas Night. They're no match for my mad random fact skillz.
15. Yelling "Bang, Bang!" everytime after I heard Watson yell "I'm Rick James Bitch, now show me yo titties" at same classy christmas party where the 40 was drank.
16. Dim Sum with my ER girlies. It's always nice when someone orders for me so I don't end up ordering something truly heinous.
17. Spending what seemed like hours rating poo at (at first it was funny, then it was disturbing, and lastly it was just gross).
18. Getting to watch some of the new episodes of Southpark--we actually get Comedy Central here, but no time to watch them. Beware of satanic worshiping forest creatures.
19. Country music stations. Driving around being able to switch between 3 stations was glorious!!!

But most of all...

20. The best part about break was that it was like I never left. I saw just about everyone I wanted to see (even though I definitely didn't get to spend enough time with some of my favorite people).

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