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In my last post I mentioned a blind date from hell. For those of you who were interested in just how bad it was, I write in here today. I do have to warn that it is a very long story

To preface the story, I should explain why I was on a blind date. My friend Joey's exroommate from Harvard is a lawyer who lives in Manhattan. He and I thought it would be fun to set up his exroommate, Andrew, with my good friend at school, Stephanie. Stephanie was game for meeting people outside of school (almost any excuse to get out of the bubble), but she didn't want to go alone. So I requested Andrew grab a friend and we'd meet them downtown... and that's where the date begins.

Stephanie and I arrived at the restaurant after having had about a glass of wine on the train (not only was that necessary for starting this blind date, but it was damn cold outside and the liquor surely helped a little). We see two super tall guys and ask if they're meeting someone... and indeed they are. We sit down and I immediately suggest we get wine, the boys answer with an emphatic yes. This becomes a theme for the evening. Dinner goes pretty well. Things are naturally a little awkward, but as far as a first double blind date goes, it was aight.

However, it was the after dinner festivities that soon sent the evening spiraling out of control. Near the restaurant was their bar of choice. As soon as we arrived they had jack and cokes in hand. Since wine hits me hard these days I wanted to take it easy and had a beer. Still, even after the boys had pounded about 5 jack and cokes things were going ok. Conversation had certainly lightened up and was flowing far more naturally (although I can't say liquor induced conversation is "natural"). I first began to fear the evening's demise when Andrew (the boy that was intended to be set up with stephanie) was trying to get us all to do Soco and lime shots. Needless to say, I declined, but ordered Steph and I kamikaze shots to at least be part of the shot taking. I figured we'd all return to our mixed drinks or beer and the evening would progress as it had. However the boys apparently had a different plan in mind. Apparently the shot whetted Andrew's taste buds enough to warrant a slough of Car Bombs. Four car bombs later, Stephanie and I had officially deemed this excessive first date (esp. blind date) drinking. But it only got worse. Eventually we took the "party" downstairs in the bar. The atmosphere downstairs was far more "club" like and the hip hop music playing only emphasized that feel. And apparently with a change in scene, the boys needed a change in beverage. Enter White Russians. The mission became order as many as possible until the bartender has mixed the perfect white russian. The perfect one was naturally the one was the most vodka and least amount of kahlua. A shot of Jager was thrown in, to perhaps cleanse their palettes. The scene was set... two some what gawky and surely dorky guys, TRASHED. Their change in personality was definitely reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They even switched girls they were "after". At this point Andrew (who was set up with Stephanie) was all over me and Ben (who apparently was my "date") was all over Steph. Although Andrew wanted to keep his options open and prior to him trying to stick his tongue down my throat his wandering hands were all over the both of us. I didn't really know how to respond. He kept asking me to kiss him and I did my best to come up with excuses as to why that was inappropriate. He didn't listen. I eventually drew the line however. At the point he said, "damn you have perfect breasts." I looked up at stephanie, asked her the time (which was nearing one am) and told her we had to book it to the train station (which at that point was true). The boys at this point suggested that we stay on one of their couches and spent entirely too long arguing that matter. Eventually we were freed of their clutches and in a cab to grand central.

Sadly, the conclusion of the story is a bit anticlimatic. Stephanie did give that dude ben her number. He was drunk, but not nearly as out of control. They're going out to dinner on thursday. In some ways I think that she's just trying to score a free dinner. And for my suffering I hope she milks it.

Joey did go skiing this weekend with Andrew in Utah and attempted to get some additional gossip, but sadly Andrew doesn't remember anything after 1030 pm. Well, that is except until he left and almost got into a fight with the bouncer (he forgot his coat inside and the bouncer wouldn't let his drunk ass back in). He told joey he knows he at least made out with one of us, but it could have been both. Apparently he's been on a recent trip of excessive drinking and doesn't recognize the line between social drinking and excess. The surprising thing to me is that he's been dating a highly successful ny businesswoman for the past month who makes a pretty penny. I certainly hope he hasn't introduced her to his alter ego.

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