Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

A year ago on march 3, 2004, I had my university of washington med school interview. Obviously it didn't go nearly as well as I hoped. Part of me is definitely happy that I'm here in New York, it was due time for me to leave. However I still miss a lot about home. And it's never the same when I go back. Not necessarily different bad, but it's moved on without me. I'm not part of everyone's daily life. People don't call me anymore to tell me the exciting or not so exciting things that are happening. It kinda makes me sad. But oh well....

Well I have four tests here next week, but then physiology and biochemistry will be done. Plus on the 12th I'll be leaving for the west coast. While I'm not looking forward to going home as much as I was, it'll still be good to see people :)

Wish me luck on exam.
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