Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Sigh.... back from Spring Break... I think the best synopsis is: 9 days, 7 airports and 1 hickey.

JFK-LAX-KOA (20 hours)

Kona for 5 nights. Relaxing by the water. Hiked to the lava flow entering the pacific. Winery tour, brewery tour. Great food, esp. the french dinner on st. patricks day (yes I realize they don't match).

KOA-SFO-SEA (10 hours)

Two quick nights in Seattle. Amy's birthday gathering on Friday. Got to see Kya who I haven't seen in 2 years. Watched the huskies whoop Pacific's ass in bball. Drank a Mickey's 40 at a wine party and forced my flask of rum on others. Jacob and Joey thought it'd be funny to give me a hickey. Danced and sang to Ace of Base. Was used as a mop for the floor. Finally got cheap chinese food with matt.

SEA-ORD-HPN (7 hours)

United's computers were down, but I think that was to my advantage since both flights I was standing by for were oversold. Got to White Plains at 10am, hopped a quick taxi home and slept the rest of the day.

Sucks to be back, but only three months until summer break :)

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