Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

And so starts another week. Naturally it's icky and rainy here. Although we did at least have nice weather for the weekend. We redecorated our apartment on friday--it's screams Ikea and we love it. Went out to the city on saturday. It was pretty fun, but I can't say that I loved the bar. Yesterday we had an Easter potluck and had massive amounts of food. It was tasty.

On a side note, two of my roommates are really getting on my nerves. One has been really unbalanced lately and she's very hard to be around. It's a crap shoot what type of mood she'll be in and I'd rather not try to figure it out. The other is oblivious and loves getting into really heated arguments over things she knows little to nothing about. It's just hard to live with that when their "issues" spill over into the rest of the apartment. Don't think they really understand the concept or private life.
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