Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I can't believe I didn't post in April.... hehe. Guess med school keeps me busy. Or maybe i'm too busy stealing stuff from trashy bars as we did on friday. They charged five dollar cover for a truly WT bar and then had the guts to charge $7 for a rum and coke... and it was just plain ol' bacardi. All my classmates were pissed so things started disappearing. Let's just say we're probably not going to be welcome back there again :)

I have recently gotten readdicted to ebay. Managed to find some great stuff for jen's bachelorette party, a hard to find dvd, and now am stalking a necklace from tiffany's. Fun stuff!!!

I should go though. Have to get my beauty rest for a marathon day in the library. grr... only....17 days and 12 hours until I'm done with my first year of medical school.....hehe... hopefully

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