Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I have the worst computer luck ever. Back in the fall my harddrive crashed right during finals for anatomy and histology... and today when I got home from the airport (dropped my roommate off because she has a funeral to attend) and my monitor is all funky... and well, broken. Dell tried to claim my warranty was expired because my computer was ordered on the 25th of last year, but I didn't get it until around my birthday (which is the 9th of June). Thankfully we got that straightened out... however I have to wait for them to send me a box to pack my computer up... then ship the box back to dell, at which point they'll take their sweet time replacing my monitor and finally send it back. So that leaves me without a computer for the duration of finals--not the most convenient thing every. I wanna cry....

For now I shall study.... but I'm still trying to figure out what caused my monitor to go kaputz.

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