Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

In 8 days I will be home for 3 weeks. Which isn't too far awayl. However this last week is going to drag on. I have three huge cumulative finals on thursday and friday. None of which I'm anywhere near prepared for. I'm still trying to battle a nasty cough that somehow managed to morph into a bacterial sinusitis. Thankfully my back problems that plagued me earlier this week have diminished to merely soreness. I feel like I'm falling apart--I think I have the health of an 85 year old :) I'm just trying to remind myself of the good things when I get home...Christmas parties, drunk risk, shopping with my mom, being taken care of by my mom, sleeping in without guilt, working with Dr. Mathey... etc... etc...

I'd do much better right now if the first years weren't outside having snow ball fights and screaming. I fully support their having fun, but I don't need to hear it through my ear plugs :)
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