Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Recent hiatus

As per usual life has been hectic. To summarize briefly I spent three wonderful weeks at home in Seattle/Woodinville, returned to school for two days, and then went to Paris for 5 days. I'm now back at school and finding it rather difficult to buckle down on studies. But that's really nothing new.

Highlights from home include Kennedy Brothers twice (although my memory of the second time is a bit hazy--brought on by the mutliple shots I inhaled). I actually got to see Watson that night--first time in seven months. Strange to go from seeing someone multiple times every week to not seeing or talking to someone for so long. Guess that's to be expected though. Had fun as always at Drunk Risk. Didn't win, but I don't think my aging liver could handle it. New Years returned in tradition to Jacob's apartment. Overall it was fun, but I wish that I could have avoided the lengthy discussion I had with Shane. Also it would have been nice to sleep somewhere other than on a wood floor... I worked at Dr. Mathey's office again (where I worked over the summer). It's a nice reminder of why I'm torturing myself in med school right now. Overall I didn't get to see people as much as I would have liked. My transportation was limited, as was my motivation. It was nice having time to decompress.

Last week I went to Paris to visit Rachael and Kelsea. They've been travelling Europe for the past four months, but rented an apartment in Paris for the holidays. We did a lot of shopping, eating and movie watching. And of course a lot of wine drinking. No crazy exciting stories from there, but I had fun :)

Now I'm back at school. Thankfully it's the weekend, even if I just mostly use it to catch up on much needed sleep. I'm tired of feeling groggy all the time. Let's hope I can manage to have a little fun too before things get really crazy with studying.

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