Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Out of an overwhelming desire to continue my procrastinating, I decided to watch the series finale of Dawson's Creek. I watched Dawson's starting my senior year of high school and past college graduation (the show ended in 2003). As cheesy as it sounds there are a lot of memories attached to the show--mostly reminiscing about all those years I watched it. And right now, it's making me sad. Ridiculous I know. But so much has changed in those 8 years. A lot for the good, but I also feel like I lost a lot too. I miss my guy friends from high school. That quirky group (dave, alex, andy, jake, charlie, the lot of them) are irreplaceable and it saddens me to think that I don't talk to them anymore... Even though I've tried to contact Dave many times. I miss football games and the post-party at my parent's house.... I miss the "rabbit-hole" and apple juice cans and bruegger's bagels and mannequin legs and Aldrige and kiwi chapstick (ok, I realize that's a lot of inside jokes--that I probably won't remember 10 years from now, but they make me smile). I think what it comes down to is I miss the carefree days. Part of growing up I guess.

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