Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Haven't posted in months--it seems I only manage to post when it's something boy related. Guess that shows you how little boys have been involved in my life as of late--hooking up with my ex while home certainly doesn't count :)

So here's a synopsis of my current boy escapades. Saturday night, my roommate, Steph, and I ventured away from our med school classmates and went out with her college friend and her banker coworkers. Ended up being us 3 girls and about 10 guys--our kind of ratio. Banker boys took good care of us at the bar and we were spoiled with drinks and shots all night. Needless to say we got ripped. According to standard procedure we got kicked out of the bar at the end of the night and spent way too long goofing off on the street. My roommate wandered off down the block with some gi-nourmously tall gentleman and I was by no means ready to go home. Somehow I hopped into a cab with a guy I was sure was on drugs and another I'd only briefly talked to during the evening--they said they had a hottub. How easily I'm convinced while drunk. One thing let to another and I ended up staying over with the dude that I'd barely talked to. And we had quite a bit of fun. Without noticing I ended up staying over there late into the afternoon on Sunday. As I was leaving he kissed me goodbye and got my phone number...

Now, normally I'm very pessimistic when it comes to guys I meet while drunk. I usually go under the assumption that they will not call and if they do, I'm pleasantly surprised. However, when leaving this time I actually thought he might call. That is, until I got home and talked to my roommate.

Apparently, her friend was talking to this guy earlier in the evening and he was mentioning how he was moving to Chicago in a month.... moving because his girlfriend is going to school there. And to top it off he's been ring shopping!

Frankly, I'm rather confused by his entire behavior that night, the morning after, etc. Why the hell did he get my phone number? I really wish that if a guy didn't want to call a girl he'd just not get her phone number. That avoids the whole pain of waiting for him to call. Currently I'm waiting on confirmation from a mutual friend of my roommate's who knows the guy well. However, at this juncture I'm no longer expecting him to call and I'm going to wallow in a bit of anger for awhile while this wears off. I somehow get all the luck :)

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