Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Who would think that you'd have an adventure making a late night trip to Burger King??

First off--the guy at Burger King was seriously flirting with me. My friend (this friend would rather go by an alias: Dan Quayle ) and I were laughing uncontrollably in the car about it. He ended up giving me a free frozen coke for my "troubles."

Second, on our way back to our apartment we saw a police officer patrolling the Steven's Court vicinity. She proceeded into the laundry room adjacent to the parking lot where she accosted a young man trying to stretch in the exercise room. After a heated discussion in the laundry room where he pointed out the location of his laundry, they moved to an outside location for a more intimate chat. After being identified as a spy on this incident, Dan Quayle and I had to resort to better tactics. At this point, Dan and I remembered that we "forgot" something in my car that happened to be parked near the two people in question. Sadly we were not able to eavesdrop on the conversation, but we had a damn good time formulating scenarios to explain the incidence. Those will be left from this post because some of them are pretty "tasteless."

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