Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Went to Bellevue to pick out a color for my bikini. Still undecided between the black and the red. This is an important decision and I keep getting conflicting opinions....argh. Anyway, Courtney and I decided that we needed to pamper ourselves a bit--so we ended up at Frenchy's in Madison Park to get manicures. My nails are now painted Chick Flick Cherry--sexy red. Then we came back to the good ol' Steven's Court to visit some friends. I went to ask "Dr. Dave" what was wrong with me, but all he could tell me was that I'm sick and I have a low grade fever. Oh well :) We're going to go get pizza now--nummy.

Hehe, I accidentily just posted this on Adam's account because he's logged in... Damn, now he just spent the day picking out a bikini... how strange.

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