Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Slacking on the updates....

Alright, it's time to update my journal for the past few days. On Sunday I saw Boys and Girls: Sex Changes Everything with Bex. Then I went home and vegged in the sun for awhile. I was gonna make it an early night, but Steve called and told me I had to go to watch Me, Myself and Irene with him and Derrick. Both were good movies, although I think I enjoyed the second just a bit more :)

On monday I spent some more time in the sun and then went over to Heather's house to have a little girls' night. Chatted it up about boys, sex and cars (like the '57 black corvette [my dream car] and a mustang shelby 350gt [heather's dream car]). On my way home I tried to race this guy in a suburban--beat him when it came to weaving through traffic, but when it came to sheer speed I wasn't willing to push it past 70 on the golf course road (especially since it was very dark out and there are no street lights--maybe that should be all the more reason I should push it).

Anyways, today I didn't feel very well again, so I took things kinda easy. Was supposed to get together with Jen, but she cancelled on me, so I met Matt in Redmond and got coffee. Ran into Tony, Brian, and Jared from high school--it was cool to see those goofs :-) Anyways, I think I'm going to make this an early night. I have two parties to hit tomorrow--a bbq and a "rager" as Brian put it. Goodnight all!!

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