Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Well, yesterday I went downtown to visit Alissa--we caught up some and then Jennifer came over. After getting some food and playing boardgames, we ended up just chattin' it up about our soap opera lives--adding a bit of a sexual twist to everything. At about 9:30 we headed over to Bainbridge to Jen's house. Jumped on the trampoline, chatted some more and ate cereal at midnight (I ate Mikey's cereal--Life). Today I drove Jen to the airport, came home, watched some t.v., made my parents pizza, and then Alicia came over for awhile to chat.

Tomorrow I'm taking Christian (Michael Collins) sheet shopping--he told me I have to play "girlfriend" and pick everything out. Should be fun to spend someone else's money. Then I'm again making dinner for my parents (Indian fry bread tacos--nummy). Not exactly sure what I'm doing tomorrow night, but I think I'm gonna get together with Court. Maybe we can do the old school Kirkland thing... We'll see...

Two days until I leave for California... after Jen told me her little J.B. encounter it really makes me want to find Nick while I'm down there. Can you imagine having a crush on someone since the second grade? That's just insane :-P

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