Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Tuesday, 7-4-00, Happy Fourth of July: Fucking crazy day (wrote that in my actual journal). Started off at the plaza (like the street fair in the U-District, but a hell of a lot smaller and more of a social event than for shopping). Anyways, ran into a few old friends: Laurie, Lynne, Emily, Reed, and Lindsey. The part that brought back the most memory was that the volunteer fire department is still selling beer on tap. I always feel like I'm caught back in the 60's there. Anyways, that night I saw the Arcata fireworks and we stood in front of these two families that almost seriously broke out into a fight. The worst it got was that the one evil bitch was throwing those little ground flower fireworks at the other family. We moved away as to eliminate the chance of catching on fire from flying fireworks. That night we ended up at a party (after I'd already had almost 5 shots of vodka. I got to see more old friends, more Jacoby Creekers (my old K-8 school): Silas, Ben and most importantly, Nick. I know this sounds insane, but I've had a crush on this guy since the second grade. I haven't really talked to him in about 5 years, but I still go weak in the knees when I see him. And he looked so HOT. What I wouldn't give for one night with him.... ::sigh:: I just hope he doesn't read this and get all freaked out by me... I am hoping to get in touch with him via e-mail--since he did give me his e-mail address. Anyways, enough about the 4th. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!!

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