Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Friday, 7-7-00: To entertain myself while Quinn was at work today I called Anne-Marie and we went out to lunch together. We've been friends forever, but I really feel like we've grown apart. She's grown more conservative and I've grown a bit more wild. But I had a good time and we ate some damn good Mexican food. Once Quinn got home we did some shopping on the Plaza. I absolutely love it down there, but Quinn hates it so the trip was short. That night, Monica took us out to Abruzzi--damn good Italian food and scrumptious desserts. Quinn and I decided to just rent a movie that night after we drove around Arcata and saw nothing, absolutely nothing, to do. Watch In and Out --I tried to rent it on my account, but I felt too guilty when they asked me if I still lived at "2050 Pan....." and I had to say No.... oh well. 4 years ago when I was down there I used that old account and we had a free movie left :) After we watched the movie, we got sucked into MTV's soap opera "Undressed." It's not that good, but seriously addictive....

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