Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Sunday, 7-9-00: Today was an absolute BLAST. Quinn and I went to the beach and ran around in the waves. I felt like such a little kid. We took a whole bunch of pictures, so if I can find a scanner I'll try to post them. When we got home Quinn took me down to show me what her neighbors (the ones that bought my old house) did to the back yard. They built a fence to block trespassers (but honestly how many people come up in that neighborhood--I could write pages on all the psycho things they've done, but I'll spare you). The funny thing about this fence is that is looking like a freakish beaver damn, but not on any river. I swear these people are serious freaks. Got a good laugh out of it though. Rented another movie that night after dinner (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels) and then it was more "Undressed" (it was a marathon before the season premier).

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