Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

If you're reading this first and want to hear about my trip to California last week, scroll down to where the header says "Update about California." If I'd thought about it earlier, I would have done these in backwards order, but I'm not that smart.

Monday, 7-10-00: Got up at 7am this morning to travel back up to Seattle. Overall it was a great trip. I leave Arcata with some good memories (especially seeing Nick) and some great new terms... Quinn and I came up with some great insults and cool new sayings ("that's so central Eureka" or "That's just not kosher with the Road Rules team." Both we like to use profusely).

Made it home around 3:30 and was so tired, but it's good to be home. I really do like it here. Even though it's nice to visit Arcata and see people that I have such intricate histories with, I really do appreciate what I've devellopped here in Seattle. Really makes me appreciate all the friends I have here. I don't think I'd ever go back and chose to not move up here. Only thing I'd change is if I could move Nick up here too...hehe :)

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