Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,


I had so much fun yesterday. Courtney and I decided to go into Issaquah to get lunch and take it to Lake Sammamish State Park. On our way there we ran into Bart on the side of the road because his car died on I-90, so I gave Bart my car so he could finish working. Courtney and I spent a few good hours down by the lake splashing around in the water (and yes, this time we were in our bathing suits--had to use my new red one). Then we met up with Matt at my house and got Chinese food (Courtney left to go visit her boy in Seattle). After dinner we towed Bart's car from Issaquah to Snohomish--which like always is an adventure with those two (not the first time we've had to tow one of their car's with Bart's dad's truck). After we finished our tow job we came back to my house and watched Usual Suspects, but we all fell asleep. I had really weird ass dreams, but I can't remember them... Oh well, I'm off to get dressed and meet Blythe.

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