Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Weekend Update

On friday I took the ferry over to Bainbridge and because of traffic I missed the first ferry I wanted. Once there, I went to get dinner with Matt and we later met up with Jen and Trevor to go see X-Men (great movie, by the way). After the movie, Jen and I ditched the boys and went back to her house. It was her sister's birthday and she had an astrologer over. After waiting patiently for hours, all I got to hear was that I want to be settled down and married (um... I don't think so)... Next day (Sat.) we finally got back over to the East side and browsed through the Kirkland Art Festival. It was pretty cool, but I was just too damn hot. We came back to my house and did some astrology of our own (Jen wasn't happy with what the lady told her about her and Alex--I had to fix that). Then Courtney came over and we turned our evening into a very girl's night thing. First, we highlighted my hair (although you can barely tell). Then we went and got pizza and painted our nails. Then we watched soap operas that I'd taped while we drank Kahlua and Bailey's milkshakes... after which we did face masks, making ourselves look like scary monsters :) Today, Jen and I searched around for apartments, without much luck. I think I'm gonna go relax for a bit and then call Elizabeth.

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