Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Dear Diary....

Hehe... I just had to do that... well, I think it's been awhile since I've posted... hasn't it? So let's see...

Work went well on Saturday, but I had to seriously party afterwards to relax at Becca and Elizabeth's new apartment.

On Sunday I got together with my girls to shop for Sandi's wedding and to also eat Thai food. I got bored that night so I drove down to the U-District to look at houses. And of course while I was gone Bart and Matt dropped by my house. They never knocked on the door though :) Dorks... they did come back once I got home and we went to Red Robin and to go see Chicken Run. It was a pretty good movie--for something 'G' rated, but I was so exhausted I almost fell asleep.

Today I was almost late for work, but thankfully (must have been a miracle) traffic wasn't bad on 405 or 520 and I was actually a few minutes early. Although I wish I didn't make it to work--it was 8 hours of pure boredom. I wasn't actually doing my job--it was just a hospital orientation. After work I called home to tell my parents I wouldn't make it for dinner and they started yelling at me... so I just didn't go home and Matt and I went to Bellevue to buy him shoes and then to Kirkland to eat Taco Del Mar. After a nice relaxing evening by the water, we broke into Heather's apartment again and then we went home. Nothing too exciting... but that's what the ER is for.... I'm off to bed now... I've listened to the CD I borrowed from Matt twice now...that's enough :)

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