Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I'm laying on the floor right now, trying to update my journal. My drunken friend Matt has somwhere hidden my chair, and I'm entirely too tired to move. I can't believe that I have to stay up until aboiut 8am...ack.

So today, Courtney and I went and got dinner at Woody's--for the strawberry lemonade. Afterwards we went down by the water and got ice cream. Matt and Alicia met up with us so that we could go to TGIF's. Saw two people from high school there, but I ignored them. I'm mean. After we got some food we came back to my house, got Matt drunk so that he would dance for Courtney and now we're just entertaining ourselves with his drunkeness.

Oh and I think I've convinced Matt to help me out with Shane. Everyone should be extremely happy for me.....WOOHOO :) hehe

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