Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

The ER

Sheesh, it was so busy last night and most definitely I was kept entertained. When I first got there we had a guy that was going crazy in one of the rooms peeing on everything. He just whipped it out and started painting the walls--I felt bad because Greg had to completely restock the room, which is a pain in the ass. Also had a girl come in that's stalking Greg, poor guy, hehe. I did get a tidbit of advice last night from some guy that got assaulted. While I was cleaning out his lip cute (which means spraying it clean with saline) he was trying to tell me that I cannot let any cute boys derail me from my career. That no matter how good looking they are or how smooth they sound, that i can't let them interfere and tie me down with babies. I mean, it is pretty good advice, but I did think it was kinda strange :-). Well, I have to be back at work in about 5 hours, so for now I'm going to rest up a bit. Long night ahead of me, and hopefully less busy.

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