Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

I had this weird dream last night that I was hiding in this really old house from these ladies that were going around making sure the place was secure. At one point I was hiding in a shower and this girl magically appeared in the shower as well. I was so happy/shocked to see her that we decided to sneak outside to garden. At this point instead of being the older woman/girl, I was the younger one getting myself all dirty trying to plant seeds. I got all scared because I accidentily threw a spider at myself, but that was topped when I saw a giant snake coming my way. The black cat tried to attack the snake, but it was too late--the snake had a hold of my hand and it bit me before I had the chance to throw it off (just for extra information the snake was partially hairy--in my dream is was kinda half snake, half cat--whatever). So I ran out of the yard through the gate, screamed, and then woke up. I'm not sure what that dream means, but it was damn weird.

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