Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

Is it horrible that I listen to these songs with really rude lyrics and yet I just sit there laughing? The main song that comes to mind is Sublime's "Date Rape." The topic of date rape is horrible, but you can't help but laugh at the fate of the rapist or the simply the way the song is sung. I sometimes wonder if my quiet giggling through the song is a sign of my evilness...hmm... Secondly, recently on the radio I've heard the song "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy on KUBE. Personally, I burst out laughing when I listen to the lyrics, but if you think about what the song's about--a guy cheating on his girlfriend and trying to get out of it by lying--it's definitely not a "funny" subject. However I can't help by smile when I hear the chorus: "Honey came in and she caught me red-handed, freaking with the girl next door. Picture this: we were both buck naked, banging on the bathroom floor. How could I forget that I had given her an extra key. All this time she was standing there she never took her eyes off me." I just had to share with the rest of the world how horrible I am :) If you have time, take a moment to listen to this song... sure makes me smile....

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