Lindsay (lindsay) wrote,

My parents actually ventured down to Seattle today to take me out to lunch. Nothing exciting, except that I took my mom's new ring (not really knew--it was my grandma's--it's this cool antique diamond and white gold ring). It would fit much better on my left ring finger, but I'm sure you understand why it will have to remain on my right hand :)

Although it could be kinda fun to wear it on my left hand and then create a more interesting life--at least more interesting to share with others. I could fabricate this handsome prince charming that sweeps me off my feet. My life would consist of day trips to the beach for romantic picnics, evening outings to the theater, weekends away at bed and breakfasts....Hmm, if I think about it though, the last thing I really need is to live in a delusional world. I do that enough when I have a crush--thinking about what could be or rather what I'd want to be. Maybe it's time to merely accept things the way they are and be happy with that. Sounds too practical though. I just don't know....

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